The Feelings

We start preparing months (or years) before the big day, from hiring the best of the best vendors in the industry; to drafting up to ten pages of run sheets.
but we can never prepare for how we are to feel about the day. There is nothing we could prepare for i guess in that matter. You’ll never image how you are going to feel unless you are there.

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The Hug

We captured this beautiful expression of love on our camera by accident. This is exactly why we do what we do. We felt like we used to rush at weddings, we rush to go through our checklist making sure all the boxes are ticked; we rush to every single location from the hotel to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception, from A to B. But now, we try to slow down. We try to be more present to what’s in front of us; we try to stop and observe every big and little moments as they happen; we try to use our eyes more than our cameras.

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Getting Ready

We documented this little moment of Kellie and at that time she didn’t really know we have arrived. That smile on her face tells a thousand words and it was the most beautiful smile of a bride we’ve ever captured.

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Clair JiangComment
The Tea Ceremony

We are not there just to document whatever happens on the day, we are there to listen, to observe, to feel and to capture the emotions that make the day become so precious and unforgettable. We want you to be able to relive the day with those emotions many years later.
This was a snippet about Ariel’s farther at Ariel and Felix’s tea ceremony, with full of mixed emotions. .

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Family means everything

I recently heard from one of my friends who got married earlier this year, that her grandpa past away about 3 months after her wedding. Her grandpa was too ill to attend her wedding ceremony so they asked the photographer to take one photo of her in the white dress with her grandpa right before she left for her big day. That photo has become her favourite photo from the entire wedding, and that was also the last photo of her grandpa with his little princess. It is just priceless.

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