Family means everything

Not long ago, I heard from one of my friends who had married earlier this year.

Her grandpa passed away only 3 months after her wedding. Grandpa was too ill to attend her wedding day, so they asked me, to take one photo of her in the white dress with her grandpa right before she left for her big day. 

This photo became her most favourite and cherished photo from the entire wedding and itwas also their last photo together with her grandpa and his little princess. It was just priceless. 

In this snippet, there was also Michael’s grandparents at his wedding with Katarina. Michael’s grandpa couldn’t get onto the stairs within the ceremony, so they had to stay a bit away from everyone else. We spotted this moment of them during the ceremony, with happy tears and so much love. We felt so blessed that we captured it all, for Michael and Katarina.