Maricris & Ferdinand | The Epping Club

“Haha! Were married now, I love you!”

The cutest couple ever! As sweet as it is, Maricris is a nurse and Ferdinand is a chef, they met each other through their friends and then their story began.

Their wedding day was about 14hours long and they were very well prepared for this day. We started the day from the boy’s side, and they were seem a bit more quiet over the girls (probably nervous) but they still nailed it haha! So before, during our pre wedding consultation we had this idea to read a letter in the morning. But the boys forgot to bring Maricris’s letter from the girls! Luckily, she wasn’t so far from him, and so one of the boys had to go and grab it. You probably think that was buzzkill, but the couple absolutely loved it. When we got to the letter we were on the street and so we had capture Ferdinand’s letter reading at the park. In the end, it turned out really well and emotional for both of them. 

When I got to the girl’s side, it was full of excitement and laughter! Maricris was ready when I got there, she was already ready for the photoshoot. So first we did some clip shots with all the girls outside on the sofa and then we went to her room and did her own version of the letter reading. The best moment of Maricris doing her part was when Ferdinand wrote about her stories together with him in the past. As I was recording the moment, I can see her tears coming down from her eyes. She was so touched! They have been together for so many years, and they have been through a lot of tough times together and now they can finally both enjoy their greatest time of their life together as a married couple.