Chanel & Allen | The Grounds

Chanel & Allen - One of most romantic and sweet couple that I have photograph in the past!

There is so much things to talk about them, Chanel was feminine, attention to details and Allen was caring and kind hearted. Every little things on the wedding day was carefully planned by her, and obviously her husband to-be Allen did help her through the entire wedding planning. It’s not that she did all of it by her self. Haha! Allen is a kind and gentleman. He loves her deeply from her heart for so many years, as much so as Chanel loves Allen. Two love birds both get ready in one apartment, she was at one side and he was on the other side. Both quietly wrote to each other a letter and they read them out separately in their own rooms. I felt the emotions and saw the laughters coming from their expressions, those moments were so breathtaking and sweet!

So we planned a first look session, I then asked Allen to stand at one spot, then I let Chanel walk out from her room. And so, looking through my lenses I can see Allen is so tempted to turn around and watch her walk towards him, but he held onto it, waited until she taps his shoulder and then, turns his back, he must’ve felt that doing so will add more excitement. Chanel took her time, slowly walking, and 10 seconds later when she had gotten near him, he turned around and surprised! This was the first time Allen saw Chanel wearing a white dress, and all he was saying is; “You are so beautiful!”.

After the morning sessions is done, we actually straight into our location session. So first we arrived at the paddington reservoir, we opened up some red colour smoke to use it for the photos. It was a calm day and no one was at the paddington reservoir, it feels like we had own the whole place. Then later we headed to the grounds of Alexandria, we end up spending another one hour of our time for some more portraits session, I just wanted say there is so many people at the grounds of Alexandria. We were lucky enough to get through them during our photo shoot, one thing that got our bride and groom excited is the snow effect that the grounds designed to entertain their guests. The snow effect was made from soap bubbles, and it was so real that it almost tricked me when I first saw it! Anyway, we all got our hair wet after the snowy photo session, but it was all worth it!

Our reception decorations was epic, every little details was made perfectly by Chanel & Allen. It was full of green leaves and flowers! During the reception speeches, one of Allen’s best man was so emotional about watching his best mate getting married today. He couldn’t stop crying after the speech, and then Allen stood up and went to hug him. Strong friendship.

The first dance was so exciting, the colours full of neon lights really sparks my photographs, also watching them dance is like watching a dance in a romantic movie, it was truly natural and candid moment. Chanel & Allen was two lovely souls, they know each other back in their school years and many years later they are still passionately in love together. I strongly felt so lucky that I can be their photographer and document this amazing moment in their life time!