Jamie & Karl | Dolton House

This was a full day wedding photography coverage!

On their wedding day there were so many best moments going on, I can spend days to talk about it, but for now I just want to highlight one small part of their wedding day which I think as a wedding photographer I truely believes it is also the connecting dots between these two souls, which is they both have soft heart!

As a wedding photographer on their wedding day, I get to document the moment of Jamie reading a personal letter wrote by Karl, as she reading it I quiet stood next to her, what I did as a photographer is listening her reading it and watch her reaction, finally as I expected she cried, so I then step back abit and start capturing what is happening in front of my lens. I can tell you she was deeply touched by the word Karl wrote to her in the letter.

Alright what about Karl? he was alright during the morning, he was calm but until the ceremony when he saw her walking down the aisle he cried. It is actually a normal thing for a groom to cry, but because Jaime told me its very hard to see Karl cry, so I as a photographer on their wedding day I anticipate to capture and see what Karl’s reaction will be. So as I expected.

I really love to capture peoples stories, stories of love between couples, friends, families and with your beloved pets. Thats why I named my brand as soulmade stories.