Jane & James | Hostco


Well... thats it Jane and James, finally you guys tied up the knot! What can I say about you two, umm...first It has been a long time since we met together in a cafe back in 2017 to discuss about your wedding details together. My first impression of them to me: "this two are super quiet and very much shy when sitting with a wedding photographer is like sitting with your high school teacher". And I thought "am I looking too scary in front of them?" Haha, actually not... later on during the conversation I found out it's not me doing the shy thing, it's because they are nervous about the whole wedding things...Maybe it's because all these years they've seen each other everyday as boyfriend & girlfriend and now they are changing that to husband and wife! 

Fast forward to the wedding day..

"Finally the day is here, right in front me!" that's what James said to me when I started photographing him while he was putting his suit on. His facial expression can not hide his joy, excitement, nervousness and lots of emotions. 

When I saw Jane walking out of her room in her beautiful white dress with a big smile on her face, I felt everything is going to be amazingly beautiful from that moment.