Jennifer & Jonathan | Le Montage

Its true, they are married! 5 years into the relationship, they nailed it! Flash back to their Wedding Day, all I thought about was how it has been the hottest day during that season, I was sweating like I just came back from the spa!

Anyway, long story short, Jonathan definitely has some good friends, even though I only had about 30mins at his house to capture him getting ready. Jonathan’s boy band waste no time and started making jokes, making funny names to one and another, and spoke guy-secrets to each other. Ya, thats what I call a boys team. Not shy at all in front of my camera, and I was able to really enjoy documenting it all!

Not too long till I get to Jennifer’s place, I was super impressed that all the girls are on time!!! They are ready for my photography sessions, haha. Love their attitude. So a bit about her, Jennifer. She is very kind, and very gentle, first thing she asked me when I was there,

“Hey Evan, would you like to have some drinks?

Haha, I then asked for a “ICE COKE”. I was thirsty like I had went to hell and back. - Its true, The hottest day on earth. Their ceremony was Sydney Young Nah Presbyterian Church at Telopea, I remember seeing almost 6 aircon vents switched on to accomodate 200 guest, it was hot!

They have so many friends and relatives coming over to their wedding, at the time they were like the centre of the earth! Jonathan was at the door greeting each guest that came through, shaking hands hugging the guest. Jonathan was showing his respect to everyone which is a very nice courtesy thing to do from him. Later on when the ceremony had begun, I saw a short moment when Jonathan nearly cried when he saw his wife Jennifer walking down the aisle, but he actually held it back in. Umm, I guess he just want to be strong in front of everyone Haha.

The ceremony then went on for about 45mins, the minister of the church did spoke a lot of them. Story like how they met, how long they have been together and he even mentioned about how they should look forward to their marriage. Coming to the end of the ceremony when they exchange their vows, the best part is when true emotions unfold! First it starts with Jonathan’s vow…I just want to say he cried, he could not hold it any longer, the vow was so very touching, that it actually touched with every guest that came and saw his wedding day. I notice little moments when Jennifer was reading her vows to Jonathan, as she cries when Jennifer is reading her own version of their love story, as her tears rolling down, Jonathan reached over and wipes her tears out with his thumb. Oh, sweet man! Korean men are always gentle and have a caring heart for their lovers, it might be the reason why Jennifer was so in love with him.

So after the ceremony, I thought the family and friends photo session is going to be short and quick, but it actually went up to another 45mins extra. Woo! all the friends and family came up straight and hugging them, kissing them and shaking their hands and laughing with them. I just wanted to say there were so much love!

Lucky! We actually got a lunch session that day, I love the Korean weddings. They always have the lunch buffet to treat their beloved guests, and as a photographer we generally don’t get any chances to eat on the day, and only till late in the night that we do. I mean, it’s because most of wedding don’t take any break after the ceremony, and only some weddings probably do if they have enough time on the day. During the lunch break Jennifer and Jonathan went to change into their Korean outfit, and so they have the tradition of going to each table and greet with everyone.

Busy day!

Then as time went on to our location sessions, the observatory hill was our first stop of the day. I got there earlier to check out the place, make sure there is no other weddings happening at this time. All clear! The bridal party is on their way. When they arrive, I see each one of them holding a champagne glass, and everyone’s smiling and happy. They must had a crazy party in the car, I guess.

So photo time now, everyone was really in the mood! Making fun to eachother, and jokes around. After our observatory hill session is done, we then walk towards the rocks area, and as we were walking down the tunnel I see some nice contrast backgrounds so I stage manage where I want them to be, I took few images and it turns out the way how I like it! Bingo. Moody photos haha. - scroll it down you will see it.

An ICE cream truck! Oh my god, they want it so badly, so we had a 5min break and everyone bought some ice creams and start licking it, because it was so hot. Funny enough, our photo session did not last long, we had to get back to our wedding venue, Le montage. Not far from the rocks, about 20mins drive to Lilyfied. When we got to our wedding venue, we then did some photography outside the Le montage on the wharf, and did few inside.

During the night, we had a traditional Korean tea ceremony inside the wedding venue, Jennifer and Jonathan changed to a King and Queen outfit. It was fun to watch and taking photos of them at the same time. So the tea ceremony divided into two small parts, first part is to let all the older relatives come over and give some life advice to them, then they will give give some money to them. The other session is when the parents had to play a game, where they have to through some nuts to a cloth hold by the bride and groom, and how many nuts it land on the cloth will mean how many baby they will get in the future.

Overall, the night went so well!

And so shall we stop here now, please take your time and look through their wedding photos, on the way and journey. It was all about documenting the moments as it unfolds in front me, it is purely capturing from my heart! Thats why I named my business Soulmade Stories.