Kate & Brad | Dunbar House

Haha, so happy to capture this wedding! Brad is the funniest dude, seriously! And Kate was so lovely as well. The weather was so bipolar on the day, at first it was calm then later it became a storm breaker. Windy, cold and scary obviously. Regardless, the boys were fun! posing and making every move in front of the camera just to get the best pictures of the day. Comparing to the boys, the girls were a bit quieter this time, but they were so very lovely that the day could’nt have been this good without them!

The day was cloudy, and the first thing I checked was my weather app and as my eyes rolled back… it had to say there is a thunderstorm in the afternoon! Oh god, I hoped its not during the ceremony.

About 11am I arrived to the boys house, doing my regular thing putting my camera bag down and taking my camera out. The guys were so awesome! First thing they asked me,

“Hey dude do you wanna beer?

I said, “I wish I can but I got to drive later.” Haha.

So photo time now, documenting moments as it naturally unfolds. When you don’t interrupt them everything will comes out naturally, thats the kind of photography style I loved, candid photography. I’m all about that. Wedding is all about moments, happy moments and deep emotion moments. Anyway, after the beer time the boys finally start to get ready for the wedding! They just loved been photographed, don’t feel shy of getting naked in front of the camera and showing some muscle at the same time. Haha, the most funniest groom preparation I’ve photographed. The groomsmen like joking around with Brad, with things like big belly, too much beer or nice ass bro etc. They have made my morning really great!

And so, 1 hour later I arrived to the girls house, very calm no stress and they have everything ready set to go! Photographing the girl’s side is more about documenting on whats going to happen after the makeup, so like putting dress on stuff, and some champagne photos. Our formal portraits session was really fun, they all dressed up nice and looking pretty, so I took them out to the drive way and did some nice ones out there. The weather really helps my tone of the images, as the couple previously request they want their tone of the day to be little bit moody feel. Well, the cloudy weather is really helping and the surrounding colour looks so vibrant and alive.

It was about 30mins drive to the Cabarita park conservatory, thats where the wedding ceremony is going to be held. The rain was pouring down as I drove down to the car park, it almost feels like the rain want to come down for a party! The nice thing the Cabarita park has is the conservatory, it looks spacious and industrial. So this was our backup plan and it really served us well. The ceremony was great, full of laughter and emotions, very layback but sweet wedding ceremony. Brad & Kate has a little girl and they dress her up as a flower girl to walk down the aisle, she seems a bit confused on what’s going on but then later when her dad Brad walk towards her and pick her up, she felt so much more comfortable and secure in her dad’s arms.

Moving from the ceremony to our reception place was really fun and exciting, we had catch a water taxi from Cabarita Bay to Dunbar house at Watsons Bay. So the story is this right, after the ceremony the sky started to pour down rain, we got to the wharf safely without getting too wet. We got on to the taxi ok, and ride it all the way to Dunbar house. During our trip to Watsons Bay, it was fun and scary, sea waves hitting hard on our window, and rain pouring like no tomorrow. But all our bridal party, total about 10 people is having a mini party! They does not really care about the weather, and all they doing was having jokes, laughter, taking selfies and someone started singing. Overall, I had such an amazing time with them, that I had wished the wedding went on more than just a day,