Katelyn & Ryan | Port Stephens

Katelyn & Ryan, very romantic couple.

The wedding was held at Port Stephens Aquatic and Sailing Club, about 2hours drive from Sydney. It was at a beach surf club, simple but sweet! Time went on and re-watching the wedding video for them, we managed to capture the pure emotion of this couple. The elements from the nature really add some beauty into the film, the sounds of the sea and the blowing wind, well what can I say, everything happened at that time was perfectly embedded. The day was cloudy, thunderstorms approaching the beach. It actually held on alright until we just finished up our location session, overall the day was smooth as it is. haha

So I arrived to the ceremony earlier than it was scheduled, so I took out all my gears and start setting up. 10mins later all the guest start arriving to the ceremony place, greeting with each other and waiting for the ceremony to begin. A fewer minutes later Ryan arrived, as soon as he is here he start shaking hands with everyone and hugging all the best and beloved friends that have come all their way here to celebrate the love between them. Then I quickly approach to him and shake his hands and start putting my audio recorder in his pocket so later I can get his clear sound of his vows. Well I just want to add here,

Ceremony begun with a light romantic music, when Katelyn slowly walking down the aisle, I saw Ryan’s eyes full of emotions. She was so beautiful with her dress and I saw her face was of happiness and joyful emotions as she was walking down towards Ryan. It was a wedding they had always wanted, a ceremony on the beach listening to the sound of the sea waves and feeling the wind and sea breeze. It’s just who they are exactly, so natural and candid. I love candid photography, it’s just who I am, I love when everything comes together naturally and I’m able to capture those candid moments with happiness and joy. Later during the ceremony, the wind suddenly picks up, but nevertheless it will not stop the ceremony vibe to continue!

So the reception held on the top of the sailing club, it was not too big or not too small a place. When I got up there, it was full of guests, there was full of beers on the floor, it was a very local wedding and it has the local vibe. The perfect wedding for the perfect couple.