Stuart & Arnika | Camperdown Commons

I photographed their wedding with my newly purchased fuji XT3, its a small compact rangefinder camera. By using this camera it allows me to take a picture of them without they knowing, its wondering experience for me as a wedding photographer. As a professional wedding photographer we always want to achieve a thing call invisible person, to be exact blend in rather than intrusive, quietness of the shutter and the small sizes of the camera it really made me blended in with them.

As the day goes, moments just unfold naturally. When I was at the bride’s hose, I felt all the girls are really relaxed and calm, nothing like nervous or panicking about getting the dress on or running late on time. So I took out my camera from my bag and start taking photos of them! The cat was the first soul to be in front of my camera, she was so curious about whats that little machine doing in front of her, and she hold tight on to Arnika(bride), haha. The next soul to photography is the baby, he was at sleep first then some how he woke up and posed himself for a nice picture!

Stuart was a kind man, a English gentlemen! I just think Stuart & Arnika is the best fit!